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How to Putt Successfully Every Time

Generally around half of the strokes taken in a game of golf will be with the putter meaning of all The clubs in your bag – it’s the most important. Frankly the old mantras ‘drive for show and putting For dough still rings true today. So how do you putt successfully each and every time? Putting is an art that can make or break a round of golf. Because of the sheer number of putts Involved in a game of golf a golfer with an average long game can really be a great golfer overall if He’s a good putter. Here’s how: Address the ball The address or how you stand over the ball is very important. Essentially it’s about creating An all in one pendulum motion. This will create a smooth putt. To get this motion stand up And push your arms out in front of your body and then pull your elbows in around your rib Cage. This creates the all in one movement. Now tilt your body over the ball and flex your Knees so you’re putter and you rest comfortably behind the ball. Ball position The distance you stand from the ball is very important. Too close and you pull the ball too Far and you push it. Trial and error is the only way to find a comfortable distance however As a guide most people stand 2.5– three golf putters heads away from the ball for good ball Position. The ball also needs to be positioned at the correct place in your stance. This varies for each And every person and the best way to decide is by asking a friend to look and see where the Head of the putter is aiming. If your head is left the ball is forward in the stance if right it’s Too far back. Ask your friend to help you find the correct position and you will fix the issue. Finally with your best golf grips take a smooth and relaxed stroke through the ball and You’ll begin to create confidence you need to putt. Practice Putting is about practice and persistence. It’s about getting a feel for your putter a feel For the greens and a feel for the stroke. The only way that you can gain such knowhow is Through practice and development of such a feel. Practice at home on the practice green at Your club and when out and about. When you arrive at the club take note of the greens on that day in question. One of the best Ways to get a feel for the greens is to go to the putting green. Walk around 20 yards away From a chosen hole and then when concentrating hit three balls towards the hole. Do this Ten times. Next walk ten yards from the hole and do the same thing ten times with three Balls. This gives you a significant benefit when playing your game as your eye and touch is Now in. Learning to putt can be achieved by anyone – so keep practicing and you’ll soon see improvements. Attribute to: jag ture Jag has been writing for over 5 years about a range of topics including lifestyle fashion sports And technology. Her love for golf however has fuelled her desire to write helpful informative and Interesting articles about the sport including golf equipment such as Golf putters.