History Weather Part of Scene at British Open

Turnberry scotland ¡ª as landmarks go the ailsa course at turnberry is a historians tour de force. Home this week to the 138th british open spectators and golfers alike will see ruins of the castle where robert the bruce scottish king from 1306-1329 was born. Abutting the craggy coast is an iconic lighthouse that first directed ships in 1837. And just a bit inland on what is now the 12th hole are remnants of runways royal air force fighter pilots used during world wars I and ii a monument standing tall in honor of those who took off from turnberry and didnt make it back. The site however that will grab most of the attention is the ailsa craig a high volcanic rock that rises 16 miles out in the firth of clyde. The saying in these parts by seasoned caddies is that if you can see the ailsa craig it is about to rain. And if you cant see the ailsa craig it already is raining. This ancient weather guide will prove essential to golfers playing in the oldest major championship in golf which begins Thursday a constant warning that dark clouds steady rain and strengthening winds could strike at any minute. mother nature dictates the conditions in the open championship said tom watson a five-time winner of the open championship and the winner of the senior open here in 2005. the r&a (which conducts the open) wants the players to play the course the way any other person would play the golf course with the exception of the flag positions which they really toughen up for open championship golf. Www.golfonlinesale.com

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