Get the G15 Irons or Others?

Spring is around the corner the weather will be fine day after day! Many golf players are eager to play games outside while some others are in the market for their ideal golf clubs. [url=]Taylormade r9 supertri driver[/url] From my experience I think ping g15 irons appear to most players you might as well have a try! They are designed mainly to be a game improvement club thats easy to hit and very forgiving. At first glance they are nice looking irons sporting slightly larger than normal club heads with some sharp graphics. [url=]Callaway x-2 fers[/url] If you want to have a good game you should buy the ping k15 instead of your old one. I think that you should buy the k15 irons. Hit these g15 irons 10 to 20 yards longer and they are incredibly accurate. Hit some shots thin and they still went and stayed on my target line. Hit some off the toe and still stayed fairly straight just right side of the green and not the center. Never would have thought new irons would make this much of a difference! Im not the best golfer but I enjoy playing. I started playing golf about 2 years ago. [url=]Golf spout[/url] I got my set of ping irons g15 last week and feel very comfortable. I went to the range once and hit the field this morning if you feel more comfortable hitting blades and then your go for it. Nice product.

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