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What Design Do You Demand From a Golf Course?

Nearly a century May have passed since the visionary course designer and former surgeon and teacher Dr. Alister mackenzie laid down his 1 rules on how to create a golf course in 1920. But following a survey of dozens of the worlds finest course architects little seems to have changed a decade into the 21st century. This has come as quite a surprise to the authors of a new research document principles of design in the 21st century – sport psychology ltd which deals in the psychology of design of equipment and sports venues and golden golf courses which focusses on the evaluation and psychological impact of golf courses. They had expected to see a different pattern of results because of the development of earth- moving [url=]Golf equipment[/url] Unavailable in the early part of the 20th century. However perhaps because of cash restraints in the current global economy most architects indicated that they focus more on using the gifts that mother nature provides rather than plough through existing landscapes. Authors of the research expected to see a rejection of mackenzies rule that states that there should be a minimum of walking between greens and tees because of the prevalence of buggies in the us and canada compared to the uk and europe but most still aspired to the original principle that these distances should be kept to a minimum. [url=]Discount golf sale[/url] Information is here. The rule that came in for the biggest criticism stated that there should be a sufficient number of heroic carries¡±. And while authorities are maybe looking extend holes at augusta national and the 17th at st andrews the modern breed of architects seem to want to place much greater emphasis on strategy to maintain the challenge and the enjoyment of the game for golfers at all levels. There was also a significant focus on the importance of safety within course design that May not have been ranked so highly for previous generations presumably because of the inferior equipment and the shorter distances the golf ball was travelling. It May now be many years since dr mackenzie born in wakefield of scottish parents last cast his eyes across a landscape as a vision of golfing heaven formed in his mind but his spirit can rest easy. The modern golf architect seems to have his principles very much at heart. More information please visit the [url=]Golf discount shop[/url]. Http://

Four Course Classic

Djboorman has already posted about this but here is some more information: Tee off at dawn on the 22nd of June and embark on a marathon golf game as you try to reach the fourth clubhouse before the sun sets: thats 7 holes in 16 hours covering 15 miles of fairways (and that’s without any trips to the rough!) we have hundreds of fantastic courses to choose from including some of the best in the country and this year we’re aiming to raise £50000 to help fund our fight against muscle disease. After three fantastic years the four course classic has gone from strength to strength and in 201 it’s going to be even bigger. We hope that the 201 four course classic will be the best event yet! Chip in challenge yourself and change lives… Signing up for the four course classic couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is visit our site – choose which event you would like to participate in and then sign up for just £100 per team. This year’s fundraising pledge is once again £250 per golfer/£1000 per team sponsorship which all goes to the muscular dystrophy campaign. The registration fee includes: -four complimentary rounds of golf. -a branded polo shirt. -a comprehensive fundraising and preparation pack. The four course classic will take place on Friday 22nd June 201 all across the uk. For further information please visit or contact me on 020 780 4824/ Darren clarke said of the challenge: the four course classic was a great success last year and I hope that even more golfers get involved in 201. It’s a brilliant opportunity to explore four different courses in the name of charity work! Golf brings out the best in a good man and the worst in a bad man.

Four Courses in a Day?

For me the challenge of playing 18 holes on a windy day is enough. But these guys are planning a huge series of golf marathons across the uk this summer. 7 holes in a day? Across four different courses? You must be mad! But apparently people are mad enough to take on such an epic golf day. Even some of the pros are talking about it. Theyve got rory mcilroy on their website and sam torrance. Have a look at [url][/url] To see what you think.

Online View of the Rouken Glen Golf Course in Glas

Hi! I would like to know about the 18 holes of the rouken glen golf course in glasgow. I am going for an official visit in glasgow and would be playing golf at the mentioned golf course. From where can I have online view of the golf course especially the holes and know about the other facilities there? All tips and suggestion are welcome.

Worth a Visit for Societies

With 201 centenary planning well on its way the beautiful and well-appointed alister mackenzie parkland course at hazel grove golf club in cheshire is characterised by several natural water hazards. Add to these the planting of a further 6500 trees a number of years ago to supplement the existing ones and you can understand why careful course management is required by golfers of all levels. The course has a number of feature holes each presenting its own individual mackenzie challenge. The par 5 third is as testing as any and ranks amongst the best in cheshire while the best of the par 3̸;s is arguably the eleventh both for its degree of difficulty and picturesque layout. Equally the eighteenth finishing hole with its mackenzie tiered green and backdrop of the chalet-style clubhouse ranks with the best on the course. With so many outstanding holes its hard to highlight any one as a signature hole. However the fifteenth dominated by a large sweeping lake which runs along the left hand edge of the fairway and across the front and down the left of the green must take the honour. At 285 yards this par 4 represents the ultimate risk or reward hole. From the elevated tee the green always seems within reach with a well struck drive but your mind is then further concentrated by the out of bounds which runs along the right edge of the fairway. The decision is yours – lay up or take on the green? Golfers who enjoy and appreciate the challenge of mackenzie courses will love the welcome they get at hazel grove and we trust they will leave saying golf in cheshire just doesnt get any better than this! They always have loads of great deals for large and small societiesso take a look at the website Ian cook

Advertising Your Course

Well – I am going ahead and plugging my course without the need for different member names etc and daft questions![:I] See us here:- [url]Http://[/url] If this gets past the moderators then perhaps others May do the same (by the way – that one in the west of scotland looks good! – come right and out and advertise[;)]!) Pj [url]Http://[/url]

Glasgow Golf Course

Hi! I tried looking for a thread on glasgow golf courses and couldn’t find one. I’m visiting glasgow later this year and trying to decide where to have a game. I’m curious to see if anyone here has played in glasgow and can refer me any website where I can have an idea of the golf course before visiting the city. Thanks!

Virtual View of James Braid Designed Golf Course I

I have came to know that the rouken glen golf course in glasgow has been designed by james braid and features a relatively gentle opening few holes really testing your golf skills. I am looking for a virtual view of the golf course as I am not in glasgow. Can anyone refer me websites where I can have the view and get other details? Thanks a lot!