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Golf Rule Proceedure

Can any members give me a clear ruling on this. A player in a 4 ball hit his ball into a wooded area off the tee the ball was found and the player decided it was unplayable and took relief going back as far has he wanted keeping the wooded area between him and the green. He played his shot over the trees but couldnt find his ball his playing partners didnt see it land but said from its line it must be in the water hazard that cross the fairway. Can he assume the ball was in the hazard and take relief under penalty (rule 26) or must he go back to where played his last shot(rule 20.5) stroke & distance.i would welcome your help please. Oh yes this all happend at my golf club this Sunday. Thanks bob

Should I Be Disqualified ?

Recently got disqualified from tournament apparently due to rule 6-6b because I did not submit separate scorecards for my round in a 36 hole tournament. I had nor my partner had played this type of tournament before. Both rounds scores were clearly marked and identified on card as card had columns a & B. And card was signed by marker. There were no notes/signs from the committee to state that two separate cards were required and no one available in clubhouse when rounds were finished to clarify. Should I have been disqualfied

Rule Ref Ball Landing on Mole Hill

Playing yesterday my playing partners ball landed on a flattened mole hill. Now I remember the old rule that free drop cant be obtained because the mole hill is flattened but I seem to remember a change to this rule about 10 years ago to include free relief even if the mole hill is flattened as long as it could be determined it was once a mole hill! Can anyone advise and also can you quote where I can check in the rule book?

Incorrect Net Score Given in Medal

A and b are playing in a medal. A holes his ball and announces to b that he has holed for 5 net 4. B is on the green for 3 and his putt [4th stroke] Misses the hole he therefore picks up. Before leaving the green b questions a on why he claimed a stroke at that hole. A consults the score card and realises that he has made a mistake and that he does not get a stroke and as such he really holed out in 5. Does a loose the hole or is it halved under rule 2-2?.the decisions on the rules of golf 2008-2009 decision 9-2/6 page 14̸; seems to cover the above but the decision refers to the gross rather than an incorrect net score being given. Advice would be appreciated

Nearest Point of Relief

What if the nearest point of relief from the cart path has been properly determined as a point in the hazard or putting green or is out of bounds does it mean that there is no nearest point of relief for that particular situation and therefore the player has no relief from the cart path and the player needs to play the ball as it lies on the cart path or has to take a penalty drop?