Monthly Archives: August 2009

Does the Golf Channel Have Any Editors

Am I the only person that notices the daily stat errors that are reported on the golf channel? Ive seen real-time reporting errors almost every week even just after something has occurred right on their own channel! The latest of this consistent incompentence was on tonights golf central. Did you know that the us women won 8 of the solheim singles matches europe won 4 and none of the matches were halved? It must be true because I saw it on the golf channel. The only problem here is that 4 of the singles matches were halved. 4! Not none. Who is in charge?

Sean Ohair Not Nice?

Turns out my golf teacher is the current minnesota poy. As such he earned the right to play at hazeltine if the last player in the field was by himself (ie an odd headcount). Well thats what happened and my guy showed up was warming up on the practice tee and ohair sends his caddie over to tell him that hes not wanted. Pretty small behaviour on ohairs part imho. I dont think ill be rooting for this guy much in the future. Too harsh?

Carolyn Bivens Wont Survice This

Thats wont survive this forgive me pls… When you have lorena ochoa paula creamer cristie kerr julie inkster morgan pressel and 10 other top tiered players calling for you resignation in writing formal letter to the lpga tours board of directors telling them they want you out you are burnt toast with steam rising up from it. The commissioner in golf works for the players and when 15 of your top players call for you to be replaced you are gone. The lpga has lost 7 tournaments since 2007 without replacement sponsors… One of their major championships the mcdonalds lpga championship no longer has the mcdonalds part in front of it with no sponsor less than a year away from that major championship… There are 7 players on the 15 member board of directors and according to golfworlds ron sirak those players would vote 5-2 to kick carolyn bivens to the curb which means that all then would need to fire bivens is to peel off 2 of the remaining 8 board members who are not players… Carolyn bivens is toast as commissioner of the lpga and I dont think she can survive a call for her resignation from these type of players…

No Hd for the British Open

Dont blame abc…. For a student of history the united kingdom is wonderful place to visit. You can learn about the illustrious kings and queens of the past the poets and playwrights who created the worlds richest body of literature and the origin of epochal movements like the industrial revolution. You can also see what television looked like 20 years ago. Thanks to the backwards bbc you wont be able to watch the british open in hdtv this week. Not even on american broadcast partners tnt and abc. The reason is that tnt and abc have to use the international feed provided by the bbc and that feed will be in standard definition the 2009 equivalent of a black-and-white broadcast. (tnt and abc will up convert the standard definition feed for hd broadcast but that will just allow people to see the broadcast in full-screen format ̵; in other words no black bars.) in case you think were being too hard on the bbc heres a list of events broadcast in hd: the tour de france wimbledon the masters the u.s. Open the pga championship the pga tour the game show jeopardy! etc. Abc and tnt dont sound too happy about it either. the american broadcaster is required to take the world feed says mark mandel an abc/espn spokesman. as much as possible we want all our events to be in hd. Its great for the sports fans and its great for the event. Hdtv is an especially good fit for the british open because the tv-friendly tournament is invariably played at a dramatic photogenic course (except when its at carnousite) and the early morning start on the east coast ̵; and witching-hour start in the west ̵; means you can watch all the golf you want and still have the rest of your Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Also of all the majors the british open is the one american fans are least likely to get to see in person so the high-definition feed is as close as most of us will ever get to those magical open rota courses. The bbcs deal with the royal & ancient doesnt expire until 2011 and the bbc has a long history with the event. Still r&a boss peter dawson has to be frustrated with the bbcs inability to present the games oldest and arguably most important tournament in a state-of-the-art format. Next contract the r&a needs to make sure it gets the best broadcast possible which means dropping the bbc.