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Wie Being Considered for Solheim Cup

The standings. Interesting comment from daniel on her opinion of wies play this season. 0wie a solheim wildcard? Profileiconrandall mell senior writer Posted 07/1/2009 1:15 pm est Bethlehem pa. ¨c u.s. Solheim cup captain beth daniel can¡¯t scout michelle wie Sunday at the u.s. Womens open but she¡¯s taking a hard look at wie as a potential captain¡¯s pick. Daniel is out on the course scouting with the u.s. Women¡¯s open one of three events left before the solheim cup teams are finalized. Though wie ranks just 16th on the u.s. Solheim cup standings and though she isn¡¯t in this week¡¯s field wie is very much among players in the mix for the Aug. 20-2 matches at rich harvest farms in sugar grove ill. The top 10 in points automatically make the u.s. Team with daniel having some tough choices for her two captain¡¯s picks. Pat hurst is no. 1 in the standings and juli inkster no. 14. They¡¯re both veterans with solheim cup experience who make sense as captain¡¯s picks but there are other players under consideration including wie for more than her q-ratings appeal. Wie¡¯s playing well having come off a third-place finish in her last outing and a top-10 in the outing before that. What¡¯s daniel looking for in a captain¡¯s pick? ¡°i want someone who¡¯s playing really well going into the event¡± daniel said. ¡°that¡¯s mostly what i¡¯m looking for that¡¯s probably going to be the main thing. I¡¯m looking at stats how players are playing in these last three events leading into it.¡± What about wie? ¡°michelle wie¡¯s a possibility for sure. She¡¯s been playing well. She¡¯s been showing me something. Her not being in this event hurts her tremendously. I¡¯ve said all along she has to move up in the points a little bit to be considered but if you look at her stats and how she¡¯s playing she¡¯s playing as good as anybody. She¡¯s on my radar screen but it¡¯s so up in the air.¡±

Mutiny Brewing on the Lpga Tour

Last Thursday a dozen or so top players convened for dinner and it was lpga commissioner carolyn bivens who got roasted as the players aired their various grievances about her leadership. If she cant win back her most important constituents bivenss days as commish could be numbered. The dinner took place in sylvania ohio site of the jamie farr owens corning classic a day after word spread that the kapalua classic scheduled for Oct. 10-15 had been canceled because the title sponsor pulled out and that the lpga May have as few as 10 u.s.-based events in 2010. Sources close to the lpga who were not at the dinner indicated that the conversation resulted in a letter to lpga president michelle ellis expressing a loss of faith in bivenss leadership and policies. i heard something along those lines about a meeting ellis told si but I havent received any such letter. If the [LPGA] Board [of directors] Received such a letter they would certainly discuss it but I cant say anything about it because I havent seen any letter. Player director juli inkster who was at the dinner also said that as far as she knew no letter had come out of the meeting. Inkster told si that the dinner was kind of a personal talk about where we need to go and what we can do. As far as who was there and who said what I cant get into that. Whatever the details its clear that as sponsorship dollars dry up and tournaments keep disappearing the stress level is rising among players if not among the lpga board. Ellis said that the board maintains its support of bivens and that it has not yet considered the state of the 2010 schedule. right now she said were just focused on getting through 09 and working on renewals.

Amazingly Close

I cant recall a time when the stats of the winner and secnd place player were so close: Stat/tiger/hunter Driving distance/31.2/31.6 Driving accuracy/7.21%/7.21% Gir/76.39%/76.39% Putts per gir/1.67/1.673 Avg. Proximity to pin/301̸;/300̸; Scrambling/58.8%/50% The difference between tigers 58.8 scrambling % and hunters 50.0 scrambling % was the difference in this tournament.

if You Were Captain of the Usa Solheim Cup Team

Who would you pick for your captains picks? Remember youre trying to make picks that would help you win the solheim and youre not at all interested in how many viewers the tv people have or anything like that. If the top 10 were as they are and you had to make your picks now here are the gals from 11 through 20…. I looked over the list and came away discouraged… Lets see what you think… 11 laura diaz 177.0 1 stacy prammanasudh 170.0 1 pat hurst 164.0 14 juli inkster 15.0 15 jane park 141.0 16 wendy ward 117.5 17 irene cho 90.5 18 michelle wie 87.0 19 michele redman 8.0 20 meaghan francella 80.0

Glasgow Golf Course

Hi! I tried looking for a thread on glasgow golf courses and couldn’t find one. I’m visiting glasgow later this year and trying to decide where to have a game. I’m curious to see if anyone here has played in glasgow and can refer me any website where I can have an idea of the golf course before visiting the city. Thanks!